Holidays for EVERYONE 

Accessibility Certified Property

From the very first drawings of Naturperlen until today, accessibility has been essential. It’s extremely important to us that everyone – regardless of physical or mental abilities – has the opportunity to experience a great holiday.

For that reason our apartment The View (in Danish: Udsigten) as well as the area surrounding our property is built to the highest accessibility standards. This means that we can accommodate people with physical and mental and disabilities as well as families who need more space e.g. families with a twin stroller.

At the same time a relaxed holiday atmosphere is essential to us. Our efforts have resulted in an accessibility certification by the Danish accessibility scheme “Access Denmark" as well as an article in the regional Destination magazine of 2022 in addition, a newspaper article in the aabenraa weekly newspaper that can be read here.

Our mission is to provide a great stay for all our guests – regardless of disability or impairment.

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Diseased citizens

Recovering from an illness? Do you need a break to get you strength back?

The Danish Association of Diseased Citizens provides support for recreational getaways, to make it possible for people to to regain strength and return to the labor market.