Quality and Environment

With Care for our Natural Environment... 

We work hard to live up to the name (Nature's Pearl) and take good care of our surrounding environment. For that reason, our apartments are "green" in many ways. Solar heating, rain water reuse, geothermal heating and recycling waste are some of the steps we have taken to minimal impact on the ecosystem surrounding us, and something that we are continually developing. 

Our expenses on heating are very limited, as the Naturperlen is the first Danish business estate build with Styro Stone. The heating is reused in an advanced ventilation system. 


Geothermal Heating

Outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons, but underground temperatures don’t change as dramatically, thanks to the insulating properties of the earth. Below ground, temperatures remain relatively constant all year-round. At Naturperlen, we have therefore chosen geothermal heating is our main heating source, which means that stored and passive solar energy in the top layers of the earth is utilised. Our geothermal plant consists of a long tube and a heating pump. The tube is burrowed underground, and the longer the tube, the more heat and energy is extracted from the ground. A total of 1.3K geothermal tubes are placed underground at Naturperlen. Although a small amount of power is used to drive our geothermal plant, the heating system is environmentally friendly, as our system does not burn fossil fuel to generate heat; it simply transfers heat to and from the earth


Solar Energy and Heating

At Naturperlen, we use solar energy to power many of our electric utilities.

Our solar heating system also provides our guests with warm water for showering and heating. It produces hot water to all apartments during the summer.

Our solar heating system not only cuts CO2 emissions, it utilises a permanent and sustainable resource (the sun). On a sunny day, the sun is shining with a light effect of 1000 watts pr. m2. In only 3 hours, the surface of Earth is radiated by the sun to such an extent that it equals the world's total energy usage for a whole year, so there's plenty of sunshine to catch in Denmark too.

Rain- and wastewater 

This project still under development.
We dream about reusing rainwater for toilet flushing and washing machines.  Wastewater from our bathrooms (not toilets) and kitchens is to be recycled in our very own cleaning system to remove any contaminants.