Hot tub

It is our pleasure to offer you the most wonderful well-being in our outdoor hot tub.
We ask that you please follow the attached instructions regarding hygiene and regulations. You will find the hot tub at the back of the garden at the end of the building. If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to ask us at reception.

> Wear footwear to the spa area so that sand and bacteria do not enter the water

> Swimwear must be clean and without soap residue

> If you have an infectious disease, for example the cold or di-arrhea, you are prohibited from using a spa.

> You must always shower without swimwear before using the spa. This also includes children of all ages.

> After toilet use, you must shower again without swimwear.

> Animals and outside footwear are NOT allowed in the Spa area


Before entering the spa: SHOWER WITHOUT SWIMWEAR



Arrival and Departure

On the day of arrival your holiday apartment/room is ready for you at 2 PM.

On the day of departure, we kindly ask you to check out at 11.00 AM unless otherwise specified.

As we do not have fixed arrival and departure days, it is possible to plan you holiday at “Naturperlen” 100% according to your schedule.

For more information about prices and discounts, please visit our website. or call us for special offers and requests.



At the Island of Kalvø you will find many exciting activities. In particular, the Island offers a plethora of oppor-tunities for nature lovers such as hiking and biking trips on the paths around the bird reserve. The child friendly beaches close by set the perfect stage for a nice day by the sea. However, if you find the Danish beach waters too cold, you can visit Løjt Feriecenter, located only 9.2 km. from “Naturperlen”, offering an outdoor pool, sauna etc. Genner Bay is an amazing fishing area for both children and adults. In this regard, we offer equipment for catching crabs – another fun family activity. During the summer, Kalvø offers activities at sea such as weekly kayaking meetups and boat racing every Wednesday. You can also go fishing on board a traditional fishing boat or enjoy a nice dinner at Kalvø Badehotel – our local restaurant that also delivers breakfast to “Naturperlen”.

If you prefer a more action-packed holiday, we recommend a visit to HighPark Sønderjylland – a climbing park with several high rope courses and exciting obstacles. Please note that the following conditions must be met for you to safely enjoy your climbing experience: You are at least 6 years old, 120 cm in height and accompanied by an adult.

If you think the water is too cold at the beach, the hot tub at Naturperlen is always available to you as guests. If you need something bigger to swim in, we can recommend Løjt Feriecenter, which is 9.2 km away. From here. They offer an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and restaurant.

In the facility room by the garage, you will find individual brochures relating to holiday experiences in the ar-ea. It is also possible to search experiences online – we recommend – or you can download our destination APP “Holiday Guide - Experience the Southern Part of Denmark”. The APP is availa-ble for both Android and IOS. As your hosts, we are of course also available for further information and travel tips.


Allergy Friendly and Smoke Free Holiday Apartments & Rooms

All apartments and rooms are furthermore allergy friendly, meaning that smoking and pets are not allowed in the rooms, and we use allergy friendly soap and cleaners. There is however one exception to this, as the apartment Retro allows for pets and service dogs to join their owners on holiday.


News Papers and Mail

If you wish to forward your paper or mail to your holiday address, please provide the sender with the follow-ing information:


Att.” Your Name”

Sønder Havvej 11

6230 Rødekro


Baby Packages

We offer all families a baby package free of charge. The items in the package are on loan and the package includes: • Highchair • Potty • Cot • Changing table • Baby bathtub. The equipment will be ready for you upon arrival. To ensure availability, please reserve a baby package when booking your holiday – all you need to do is to insert a comment when booking your next holiday with us or ask at arrival.



How to light the fireplace:

1. The damper (tap) behind the fireplace must be always open (up)!
2. Set up the base of your fire with newspaper and other tinder, which you will find in the garage.
3. Add a starter block.
4. Add dry wood and light the fire.
5. When the fire is burning leave the door ajar until the fire has caught on properly
then close the door.

Duvets, Towels and Other Necessities

Duvets and pillows are included for 2 persons in our rooms and 4 persons in our apartments. An extra bed is DKK 200 kr. You will find towels in the bathroom. Please let us know if you need extra.

If you want to borrow bathrobes when you go to the outdoor spa, they can be found on the ground floor by the entrance.


At Naturperlen there is a common terrace with a beautiful view of Genner Bay, where there is a gas grill for free use. The lift to the roof terrace is activated with your apartment's access card.

Behind the gray plankwork down towards the road you will find our hot tub, which is free for all guests at Naturperlen - showering is done in your own apartment.

Follow the small path down along the apple trees at the yellow Bikestation, and in the small terrace you will find Skränten under the trees.

Should you fancy a bike ride, there is also the option of borrowing bikes.

At Naturperlen we have both a charcoal grill and a gas grill for free use. You can bring your own charcoal or get it from us for a small fee. The grills must be cleaned after use.


Facilities for People with Disabilities

At Naturperlen, everyone should have the opportunity to have a fantastic stay. Therefore, it was decided to furnish the largest apartment, Udsigten, with special considerations for wheelchair users, so that anyone can come as a guest at the Naturperlen regardless of need.

“Udsigten” offers the following specific accessible facilities:

• Height adjustable kitchen, including height adjustable induction hobs and kitchen sink

• Height adjustable cupboards, so that anyone can reach the top shelf

• Large bathroom with a spacious shower, space under the sink and armrests that can be pulled down from any height.

• 2 height adjustable nursing beds on wheels that can be arranged as twin apart or as one king seize bed.

-  The beds can be set up as double beds or single beds by agreement.

“Udsigten” is also the perfect apartment for larger groups on holiday, as the kitchen is particularly well equipped with plates, cutlery etc. for 12 persons and a large dining table, so that any group can dine together.



• Kiosk & Grill, Sønderballe Strand Camping, Diernæsvej 218, 6100 Haderslev (1.7 km.) – Opening hours vary according to season, but during the summer the kiosk is open most of the day.

• Super Brugsen, Løjt Storegade 14, Løjt Kirkeby, 6200 Aabenraa (5.7 km.) – Open every day from 7.00-20.00.

• Netto, Løjt Storegade 36, Løjt Kirkeby (5,8 km.) – Open every day kl. 7-22

• Spar, Hoptrup Hovedgade 53, Hoptrup, 6100 Haderslev (7.9 km.) – Open every day from 6:30-20.00.

• Føtex, Madevej 31, 6200 Aabenraa (10 km.) – Open every day from 7.00-21.00.


Internet & TV

All apartments and rooms have free Wi-Fi and cable TV, including channels in English, German, Swedish and Norwegian. The overall speed of the Wi-Fi may vary according to number of users. There is no code for the Wi-Fi.

The transmission strength of the Internet can vary depending on the number of simultaneous users.



Dogs are only allowed in the holiday apartment Retro.


Kitchen Equipment

The holiday apartments at Naturperlen have all the kitchen equipment you need. Should you still experience a shortage, you are very welcome to contact reception. All apartments also have a fridge with freezer, and rooms have access to a fridge in the common room.



If you wish to purchase breakfast, our local restaurant Kalvø Badehotel, delivers freshly baked bread, home-made rye bread, butter, cheese, meats, and jam directly to “Naturpelen” every morning. If you like dairy products with cereals, that is also possible. The price for breakfast is DKK 99 per person.

For children the price is DKK 75.

You can also buy home-baked morning bread alone for DKK 8 per person. PCS.
Please order your breakfast before 12 PM the day before you wish to enjoy it.

The breakfast is ready for you to take away in the refrigerator in the utility room with your name on it. Eating in the utility room is reserved for guests in our rooms Løv and Græs, as they do not have their own kitchen.



Cleaning Service Retro og Udsigten (70 m2)         Kr. 450,00
Cleaning Service Hemsen og Hyggen (40 m2)      Kr. 400,00
Freshly baked buns                                         Kr. 8,00 pr. stk.
Breakfast                                                            Kr. 99,00 pr. portion
Dogs (only Retro)                                                Kr. 550,00 slutrengøring
 Extra Bed                                                          Kr. 200,00 pr. ophold
Violation of smoking policy                              Kr. 1500 pr. nat

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning of our rooms is always included in the price. There are hence no extra cleaning fees if you stay in a room.



It is important to us to ensure a high standard at “Naturperlen”. Therefore, all apartments and rooms have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival.

On your day of departure, we ask you just make sure that the apartment is tidy, the waste is sorted and load-ed in the containers at the exit to Sonder Havvej. Please wash up the used cutlery and put it in drawes and cupboards, including the dish washer is emptied. If you have used the oven / microwave during your stay, we ask you please clean it after use. We reserve the right to charge for final cleaning at the lack of cleanup. Please note that Cleaning Service is obligatory when bringing pets to “Naturperlen” or if you violate our smok-ing policy. Please see the specific prices for your apartment under “Prices-section”. Cleaning of our rooms are always included in the price.

All you need to do when staying in a room or when utilizing our Cleaning Service is to ensure that your gar-bage have been sorted and the dishes have been done. Cleaning supplies can be found in the facility room.



Sorting the Garbage

At “Naturperlen” we care about the environment and sorting/recycling waste is an important part of creating a sustainable future. For that reason, we have 3 main garbage containers at Naturperlen. They are all located by the road at the entrance to the property. There is one container for household waste, another for soda and beer cans and a third container for glass/bottles, plastic bottles and other bottles and cans made of metal (NOT soda and beer cans) on the eft hand side and cardboard, paper, newspapers, and plastic film. Please help us in creating a sustainable environment by sorting your garbage. THANK YOU!

In addition, it is possible (but not required) to sort for composting, but only coffee and tea filters as well as unprocessed greens and vegetables. Bread and meat are NOT to be composted but must be sorted as house-hold waste.


Hot tub

At “Naturperlen” we are happy to offer all guests access to our hot tub all year around. All that is required is that you bring your own swimwear. We ask you to be careful showering before use, wash off all soap residue, that swimsuits are clean, and that you do not use the hot tub if you have an infectious disease. Please note, children's craving for extra toilet visits, and remember washing after using the toilet.

You can find the hot tub in the back of the garden at the end of the building. If you have any questions about using the hot tub, you are welcome to ask us at the reception.

See also separate instructions on the use of the hot tub.


Dining Out

For many of our guests a great holiday is associated with great food, and we highly recommend the restau-rants in the surrounding area.

• Approx. 2.6 km. from Naturperlen you will find Genner Hoel Pandekagehus, where delicious galettes and dessert pancakes are served.

We recommend booking a table/contacting the restaurants, as opening times depend on the season.

• Lastly the town of Aabenraa is located less than 10 km. from “Naturperlen”. The town offers many different opportunities for dining out – from fast food and cafes to high end restaurants.


If you need more information regarding your dining opportunities, you are always welcome to stop by the reception. We recommend reservation by phone.


Food Waste

In line with our care for the environment, we do our best to avoid food waste. If you feel the same way, but do not wish to bring your (uncooked) leftovers with you on your journey, we encourage you to put it in the fridge in the facility room. We promise to put it into good use.



If you need to do laundry during your stay, it is possible to use the washing machine in the facility room.


Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Call Centre                       112

Police (main)                                             114

Local Police                                73 33 14 48

Number info                                     118

Taxi                                              70 25 25 25

Emergency Room                                  70 11 07 07